CLAY DESICCANT KING Co., Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing a promising new type of desiccant called "KING-DESICCANT" in the world. The new materials being used show significant water vapor adsorption capabilities compares to other types of desiccant presently available on the market.

For instance, the silica gel which has occupied major portion of the market is made of dissolving sodium silicate (Na2 Sio3) by strong acid, accordingly can cause severe damage on the content itself like the acid rain and soil pollution after using.

But "KING-DESICCANT" which is based on natural mineral attapulgite clay, is totally acid free desiccant and can be widely used in various fields including very fine electronic and mechanical parts, exclusive chemicals and foods etc.

Diatomaceous earth has numerous micropores in itself and is used for fertilizer, insecticide and soil conditioner etc.

We got unique patent and especially our packing paper we developed, adsorb humidity in the air but does not exude out it and very durable paper.

KING-DESICCANT is a chemically inert calcium aluminosilicate clay (attapulgite clay) which is a naturally occuring mineral as opposed to the chemically synthesized absorbent. Therefore, it is more economical than Silica Gel or molecular sieve.

KING-DESICCANT can be disposed of safely since it is a natural mineral. KING-DESICCANT is no change in size, shape or texture of the desiccant at full moisture vapor capacity.

KING-DESICCANT packing paper is tear-resistant, non-dusting and absorbs moisture but water does not exude out.

Your customers will appreciate knowing that you care enough about your products to use the very best products available to protect your during shipment and storage.

KING-DESICCANT will contribute to cost down of your company.